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Our Custom Builds

All of our Guitars are built to the clients specific order 

Everything we build is for the client and their specifc design and needs, carefully tailored to the customers playing style and preference making every guitar we make unique and special.

Every model that you see in our range below is able to be totally customised from those the base models shown.

Some models are custom builds and have been sold but we can adapt that custom design to your specifications,so if you want it we will make it based on the designs below.

 But hey !!! you want it, 

Then we will make it happen !!!!

Everything Rios designs and  makes

is roadtested by Ben and fimed so that you can hear what the guitar sounds like and how it plays

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SOLD 2.png

JR Model SS

Bass wood body, quilted maple carved top.

Translucent purple with clear coat.

Original Floyd Rose tremelo with Graph Tech ghost saddles.

Dimarzio Eliminator double humbuckers, coil taps for each pick up.

3 way slide selector switch, volume and tone.

This guitar was resurrected from spare parts.

Body corrections made and expertly re-designed.

This one has been sold but the model is available in any colour and pick up configuation, All you need to do is choose what you want 

JR Model S

JR Model S for the beginner or pro at a great price!

Alder body, expert body shaping for comfort. 

Translucent blue mist finish with clear coat.

Dimarzio Area 61, Area 58, Virtual Vintage pickups.

5 way slide selector switch, volume, two tone controls.

Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.

Gold hardware with locking tuners.

Expertly re-surfaced and finished.

This one has been sold but the model is available in any colour and pick up configuation, All you need to do is choose what you want 
SOLD 2.png

RR - T  Model Black Screamer 

Black Gloss

Perloid pick guard

Di Marzio are T pickups 

Chrome Hardware 

RR Model T Special Silver

Swamp Ash Body

Complete vintage silver sparkle all the way around the guitar. 

24 fret maple neck, rose wood fingerboard

Sharp Cutaway

Brandonwound lipstick pick ups

LP type bridge and tail piece

S-Style Pick Up Configuration 

T Style Controls  

278299601_405970457595648_2464581115144267870_n (1).jpg
277848799_391742665836488_7500194271858012757_n (1).jpg

LC Bass J Red 

Custom Pick Guard

Wrapped Design

Custom red glow paint with clear coat

Side Input

Standard Pick Ups and hardware

JR S Model made for
Paul Nelson 

Alder body with expert comfort shaping. 

Road worn black finish with clear coat.

Maple neck with rosewood finger board.

Chrome hardware with standard tremelo.

C Neck with Dimarzio Area 61  custom pick ups.

All built Expertly to Paul Nelson's specifications. 

rios guitar, paul nelson JRS custom build.jpg

P - Model Guitar

This one features a mahogany back 

Maple vaneer top 

Plastic binding with rosewood fingerboard

Brandonwound special high output pick ups 

Wudtome finish 

"The Wild One" Bass
Custom for Suzi Quatro

Custom Design

Butterfly Mother of Peal Inlay

Ebony Fingerboard

Lollar Pickups 

Gold Hardware

Slight Worn Finish 


Black and Gold RR-T 
Custom for
LR Tuckey Jr 

Reverse Bridge 

Black Finish with Maple Neck 

Ebony Fingerboard

Lollar Pickups 

Gold Hardware

left handed bridge for a unique tone 

JR Model SS
Gold Sparkle 
Custom for 
Libby, Desensitised   

Gold Finish 

Maple Neck and fingerboard

Chrome Hardware 

Seymour Duncan Stacked Humbuckers


Monster 5 String 
Green AM Bass 
Custom for 
David Pastorius

Custom green car finish 

Black and chrome hardware 

Alder body

Maple neck and fingerboard 

Seymour Duncan SMB Humbucker pickups

This one has been sold but the model is available in any colour and pick up configuation,
All you need to do is choose what you want 

JR-SS Blue Dream 

The JR-SS BLUE DREAM is amazing!!

Alder body, Custom paint by My nephew Paul Montalbano,

All maple neck for that added punch.

Floyd Rose Original, with Sperzel locking tuners, why not….

Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Bridge,

Seymour Duncan George Lynch Screaming Demon in the Middle

Seymour Duncan Jazz in the Neck position.

5 way selector, volume, tone!

This model is available in any colour and pick up configuation,
All you need to do is choose what you want 

Custom for
Lars Chappell, 
Paul Nelson Band  

Mahogany body

Gloss white paint,

Maple neck matching headstock. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder with active EQ. Bad

pure as the driven snow!


Gold Sparkle

Alder body

Gold sparkle finish

Maple neck

Rosewood fingerboard

Chrome hardware, with tremolo

 locking tuners

DiMarzio Area 61,67 and 58 pick ups

All of these models, are customs, and built to order, some are sold, some are customs for Rios endrosed artists who are professional muscians making their living from their music.

All models are avaiable for you to customise to your own desires so get in contant and start the process for you to have you own unique custom built one off guitar, designed and built especially for you 

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