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Benjamin E. Rios

Owner/CEO of Rios Guitar Co., LLC

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The Story of Rios Guitars

Benjamin started his passion for guitars at age 4 knowing he liked the sound of guitars. At age 8 began to learn chords after receiving his first guitar. At age 10 started learning songs he liked and applying chords he taught himself using books and chord charts.


Through the following years playing with various musicians and making a couple guitars in high school, he continued to play in bands through out the Detroit and surrounding areas in Michigan. This was a night time gig for him as he was running manufacturing plants in midst of his career and learned about extreme manufacturing processes. He then moved to Cleveland, Ohio started playing in his band called Rios.


During this period he partnered with a friend and started a guitar company, coming up with the idea for a neck through the body acoustic guitar design and adding a humbucker and Floyd rose to the guitar, spawned a unique prototype of which he still owns.


The patent was acquired through that company, a couple guitars were made for Dick Wagner of The Frost and Alice Cooper fame as well as a Bass made for Rick Bozzo of The Frost and Meatloaf fame.


The company then closed after his partner passed away from cancer, Benjamin then checked out another guitar venture that was short lived and then decided to start up Rios Guitar Co., LLC, shortly thereafter around August of 2019.


He then partnered with Paul Nelson, Grammy award winning producer who played with Johnny winter for 15 years. Benjamin approached Suzi Quatro about building custom basses for her and guitars for her son Richard, and a couple additional guitars are in the works for them.


Benjamin has been building guitars for inventory to sell and has sold several guitars to select customers looking for special guitar builds to their specifications. Benjamin owning another manufacturing business, Danilee Company, LLC has applied the same type of business model for his guitar builds.


Guitars and basses can be ordered and custom made per a customer request. Inventory builds will be available for sale and posted until they sell.


This is something Benjamin takes very seriously and customer satisfaction is the ultmate goal of the Rios Guitar Co., LLC

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